Take Heart, Take Part: Honoring MLK

Debby Kirk, Faith Formation Team Leader, writes:

In his speech Remaining Awake Through a Great Revolution given at the Washington National Cathedral on March 31, 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. named the dramatic changes in technology, weaponry, and human rights that were revolutionizing society.  He implored his audience to wake up and develop new attitudes and responses to meet the day. Delivered just before the Poor People's March on Washington, this included adopting a "world perspective" which embraced brotherhood, and taking action to care for the impoverished and marginalized.
These words have bearing today as we face massive challenges to culture and society. Covid rates are soaring, government leaders are divided, school shootings continue, and wildfires rage.  The images from the one year anniversary of the insurrection at the Capitol remind us that white supremacy is rooted in our culture. It is easy to succumb to discouragement and dismay.

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Breaking Out of the Box: Called to Prophetic Action
Jan. 17, 1:30 - 3:00 PM

Join us online for a time of worship, reflection, and facilitated conversation as we honor the life and teachings of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This online, interactive program will be led by Rev. Dr. Diane Schmitz. 

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God Talks: Interview with Rev. Terry Yasuko Ogawa

In a recent God Talks video conversation, Executive Conference Minister the Rev. Darrell Goodwin interviewed Rev. Terry Yasuko Ogawa, Area Conference Minister for the Northwest Region. They talked about Rev. Ogawa's call to ministry, including the challenges of serving as a woman of color in a predominantly Eurocentric denomination

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Powerful Words

Rev. Dr. David Cleaver-Bartholomew, Director of Stewardship and Donor Relations, writes:

If saying thank you is so important and has such an impact, why is it so difficult and why is it not done more frequently? In my experience with congregations, four reasons immediately come to mind: 1) people are too busy; 2) no one is responsible for thanking people and/or writing thank you notes, so no one does it; 3) church life is hectic, so it simply falls through the cracks; and 4) the attitude that members contributing their time, talent, and treasure are just doing what they are supposed to do as members and hence don’t need to be thanked.

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The Parish Paper: Planning the Future by Appreciating the Past

Dana Horrell, writing for The Parish Paper, draws this scenario: First Church on the corner of Heritage and Main had been around long enough to have faced this moment before: a pastor departed, the need for a search committee to be formed, the sense of urgency rising, and discontent in the pews stoked by uncertainty. Now, as Ismelda prepared to start the governing board meeting, she looked around at the white heads of those gathered and thought, Something must change. Yet how to accomplish it?

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Upcoming Events

Faith Formation Leadership Program Now Completely Online

The Southern New England Conference’s Faith Formation Leadership Program is undergoing similar types of shifts and changes as are happening in the church. This spring, classes will all be taught online by highly qualified and experienced instructors, who present their topics while addressing adaptations for faith formation and youth ministries in these pandemic times.

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Lunch & Learn: Why Does My Church Need an Interim Minister
Jan. 20, 12:00 to 12:50 PM

The first in a new free monthly series hosted by the Center for Transformational Leadership. Led by Rev. Dr. James H. Latimer, PCC Coach and Founder, Coaching for Interims.

Silver Lake Summer Camp Registration Opens
Jan. 15

Save $50 off each summer registration made in the month of January using code EARLY22. Learn more about summer camp at Silver Lake, view the 2022 summer brochure, and look through the upcoming sessions.

Confirmation Enrichment I: Sacred Conversations on Race
Jan. 23, 1:30 to 3:00 PM

Teens and their leaders are invited to join this 90-minute program which will address micro-aggressions and teach skills for engaging in dialogue.

That's My Jesus! Memoir-Writing Retreat
Feb. 5, 9 AM - 4 PM
Silver Lake Camp & Retreat Center, Sharon, CT

This adult retreat will be led by Rev. Jackie Hall and Rev. Sara Krhla. 

Note: The North Central Region Justice Organizing Gathering scheduled for Jan. 29 has been postponed. 

Events by our Partners

PRC: Lenten Resources From A Thoughtful Christian
Jan. 18, 2:00 to 3:00 PM

Our Whole Lives Facilitator Training
Jan. 21 - 23
First Parish in Bedford, MA

PRC: Caring for Frontline Workers
Jan. 27, 7:00 to 8:00 PM

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