Young Adult Service Communities (YASC)

Young Adult Service Communities are unique opportunities for you to live in an intentional community with others who share your commitment to service and social justice. Young Adult Service Communities are 11-month leadership programs for young adults aged 21-35. Housing, food, a living stipend, health insurance are provided. Together, you will find the space to reflect on questions of meaning and to network for change. Young adult leaders are transforming communities through a faith-inspired pursuit of justice, collaborative action, and intentional living.

Service and Justice Internships:

The YASC network gives you the opportunity to grow professionally and change the world through intern placements with local nonprofit agencies, which are dedicated to justice advocacy and collaborative action. 

Congregational Connections:

Your placement will allow you the opportunity to grow spiritually and practice skills as you serve in a leadership position at a United Church congregation. Through this work, you can see the convergence of church and world. 

Intentional Community:

YASC provides you a space to grow personally by living in community with other young leaders, exploring together your direction, calling and future action in the world. 

Are you interested, but curious to know what service leadership through YASC looks like in the COVID-19 era? Check out Serving Through COVID, a report on how YASC's good works continue despite the pandemic.

If you are interested in this exciting opportunity or have questions about the program, please contact Brande Midgett-Crosby at UCC Volunteer Ministries via email or telephone (216-736-3212).


From the UCC National Office:
Youth Ambassadors Program

The Youth Ambassadors Program brings together emerging leaders in the United Church of Christ who are in their freshman, sophomore or junior year of high school to gain a deeper understanding of their faith, study alongside justice leaders, collaborate on one large yearly project that aligns with the mission and goals of the UCC and, regularly give voice to the wider church through appropriate news and social media challenges, and when possible gather at a denomination wide event for in person community building.

Youth ambassadors will meet once a month using a video conference platform, unless agreed upon by the group that they should forego a meeting that particular month. During monthly meetings the group will creatively build relationships and trust with one another, hear from a UCC faith and justice leader, work to establish long term goals and how to resource other youth/youth groups in the denomination.

Once each quarter the normal monthly meeting will be replaced by a more intensive day of Justice Training.

When permitted, one in person gathering will be held in conjunction with a major denominational event (i.e. General Synod, National Youth Event, Ecumenical Advocacy Days, Regional Youth Event) where Youth Ambassadors are expected to participate fully.

This program may be an acceptable replacement for the traditional model of confirmation in certain conferences and churches.

Apply before January 15!

Contact Rev. Trayce Potter, Minister for Youth and Young Adult Engagement, for more information about this opportunity.


Faith Formation Team:

Debbie Gline Allen, 508-603-6601
Debby Kirk, 860-377-2675