Editor's Note: How to pick 5 Things to Share? Sometimes it feels like there are 5 new things to share with you every hour. So here are 5 things for today, but I would encourage you to visit our Coronavirus Resource Section. It is packed with information and ideas, and being constantly updated.

~ Tiffany Vail, Associate Conference Minister for Communications



You’ve Been Innovating!

Suzi Townsley writes: "The Covid-19 crisis gives us an opportunity to pare down to essential activities and just give it a go. I’d suggest that the crisis has all of us needing to focus on our purpose and how we can deliver on that in creative ways."

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What Can I Do? Outreach in the Time of Corona

Debby Kirk writes: As the Coronavirus spreads from town to town and schools and businesses are shut down, many of us feel helpless and overwhelmed by the need we see around us. But we can all do something to express compassion to those who are hurting. 

Read Debby's outreach ideas, formatted for you to cioy ad share in your congregation



Conference Annual Meeting Postponed

The Executive Committee of the Southern New England Conference Board has decided to postpone the Annual Meeting previously scheduled for June 20th at Bryant College in Smithfield, RI.

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Weekly Online Conversation


Weekly Conversation with the Bridge Conference Ministers:
Faith & Finances
March 26, 1:30 PM
and Facebook
The Bridge Conference Ministers are joined by Rev. Andrew Warner, Generosity Outreach Officer for the United Church of Christ, speaking about faith and finances in a time of challenge.

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Resources for Children, Youth & Families

A list of curated resources is now available on the Resources for Children, Youth and Families page in the categories of: Faith Formation at HomeResources for Households in Times of Stress, At Home Activities for Children and Youth, and Tips for Faith Formation and Youth Leaders.

Also, Marilyn Kendrix writes:  There are those in our society who are lonely and frightened ...  those of us who feel hopeless and estranged from God. What would we do if we loved them?   Read her piece: Discipleship  3 Min Read

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