"Learn a lesson from the fig tree: When its branches become green and soft and new leaves appear, you know summer is near." - Matthew 24:32

What are the signs in the life of your congregation that summer is near? Perhaps final preparations for summer camps and the joy they bring. Maybe sabbatical rest for your pastor. Perhaps a change in Sunday morning worshippers - whether because people are vacationing elsewhere or your community widens during the summer season. Maybe the breathing room summer can bring is an opportunity for dreaming and visioning about new or renewed ministries in the year ahead.

I hope this season's longer days, joyful play in nature, and leisurely time with loved ones sustain your spirit and spark your imaginations about how God is at work in your midst.

And if you are looking for new ways to engage in environmental justice ministries in the months ahead, the Conference is offering several new programs:
1. Cross-Pollination Gatherings - beginning in July, and continuing on third Mondays, we are hosting Cross-Pollination Gatherings for local church leaders involved in environmental ministries (green teams, creation care committees, etc). These gatherings are an opportunity to exchange ideas, celebrate successes, and troubleshoot challenges. During the first gathering, we will hear from an SNEUCC Environmental Ministries Team member about the Green Congregation Challenge.

2. Nature & Neighbors: Youth Environmental Justice Retreats - Beginning in October, the Conference is offering four sessions of a Saturday retreat for middle and high school youth to engage environmental justice, experience God's Creation, and explore faith. Contact Emma for more information, and stay tuned for registration.

3. Jubilee Justice Leadership Program - The Conference is proud to partner with the Justice Leadership Program to offer a SNEUCC cohort of their Jubilee program, a 6-month cohort for adults of all ages to explore justice and deepen faith. Applications open now, program will begin in October.

Rev. Emma Brewer-Wallin, Minister of Environmental & Economic Justice, is available to support your church's ministries in these areas. Contact her at: brewer-walline@sneucc.org

Putting Faith into Action
This month, there are two action opportunities for Massachusetts residents.

Honor a dying man’s last wish – Advocate for the Public Lands Preservation Act
The SNEUCC Environmental Ministries Team mourns the death of one of our members, Phil Saunders. For over 20 years, Phil, a member of the Congregational Church of Weston, MA, championed and advocated for a Public Lands Preservation Act. As he wrote in the Boston Globe, “Besides planting more, we also need to protect the trees we have.”  He died on May 17th before protection could become a reality, but he remained hopeful to the end.

It is not too late for us to act, to fulfill his dying wish: "Please support the Public Lands Preservation Act, and make sure that the version that passes does not allow for cash payments in exchange for public land." Read the letter from friends and family sent to the Massachusetts Senate. Please call your senator today to add your voice to his.

Mass Power Forward Action: June 21, 4-6pm 
The Massachusetts legislative session is ending on July 31st, and the legislature has yet to pass key bills that the climate movement has been pushing for: cleaning up our energy grid, building retrofits, green jobs, and more. The Senate omnibus bill is now going into a conference committee that will combine it with the House offshore wind bill, for a final version that will be put to the whole legislature. But-- neither bill goes nearly far enough or fast enough! We need a stronger final bill!

Learn & Reflect

Emma Brewer-Wallin
Minister for Environmental and Economic Justice
Email: brewer-walline@sneucc.org    Phone: 508-244-4283

Karen Methot
Program Support Associate 
Email: methotk@sneucc.org   Phone: 508-244-4417 

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